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sb01Contact me to schedule a session or discuss your needs! Please also read the FORMS ...once we agree to work together, print out the Intake Form (PDF) – we'll review it together... read more...

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sb02Everything is Energy! A core part of who I am and the work I do, is my connection to the unseen (for most) world of Energy, & Spirit – to help you remember who you are at your CORE ... read more...

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sb03Here's a basic overview of options… individual sessions are holistic & tailored to meet your needs. I help you manage stress, create harmony, be more able to access your truth... read more...

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sb04See my Indiegogo Writing Project Video – Click above for my Facebook page! Contact me re: Core Star Matrix Healing, to find deep balance. You'll feel more clear, centered, grounded... read more...

About Ellen

I love being back in NYC, where my main focus is writing my book, Core Star Matrix Healing (CSMH). I'm grateful to be able to share the gifts I've received from Spirit. I also love working with you to bring balance to your Energy systems, and I use my Intuitive abilities to guide you back to a state of deep harmony – your Core of pure peace, love, wisdom & joy! I hope you will contact me if you have questions about the work. Options are internet (FaceTime, Google+, Skype), phone or in-office sessions (in Morris Park, Bronx/New York City) options. Thank-you, & Namaste.

DO YOU SEEK BALANCE? Be in the flow with your Divine Spark! With my experience with Reiki since '87, as a holistic psychotherapist, since 2001 (MA, Psychology), & as your Wellness & Life Coach, my approach is very integrative. Because of my own immune system issues in the late '80's (Chronic Fatigue, Leaky Gut, trauma issues), I became interested, & worked in the Nutrition/Health food field for over 10 years! I learned how to get my Aura whole & healthy – to feel more clear, centered, & grounded... & you can too. You'll optimize how the body, mind, Spirit functions, & manage stress & overwhelm – while learning new Energy tools & exercises. I believe, & have seen in my clients, that once you have the tools I teach, you will have the clarity to be your best self, & achieve your best goals. Call me if you want a 1-hour Energy tune-up!

To delve deeper, start with an Intake evaluation – & begin the Energy work! If you're ready, we'll do follow up sessions – see the FORMS link, & 10 Session prepaid discount.* I "see" your Soul stories in the Chakras, your pain patterns, habits, Energy status in all areas (Meridians, Elements, Aura, etc.) – & developed CSMH. Working deeply in the Energy Systems, we awaken the 3rd eye to a new level of connection, & your Spirit ~ Intuition, Heart, & Core. As blocks are healed/removed, you'll safely experience profound healing. Completing the CSML Re-connection, you'll feel stronger – & able to achieve your fullest potential. Let your light shine! We'll clarify your needs; address: energy flow, past trauma, ineffective habits, lifestyle, communication, relationship: boundary & family dynamics, immune system, creativity/performance, or Spirituality issues – &/or any major life transitions related to: emotional distress, over-worry, grief/loss, energy imbalances.

I'm also certified as Clergy, Ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism, which recognizes "the validity of all peaceful religious practices ...in developing the spiritual nature of humanity."

*Pre-paid discounts for Phone/Skype & In-Office sessions are available. For more info, see the Pay For Sessions, Pay Here link (top bar, drop down menu) – or Fees (under the yellow star). By appointment only.

Ellen means Light; my middle name, Joyce = Joy… this reflects perfectly what I see ...my clients feeling Light & Joy as a knowing in their Soul.

I Love...
                      helping you know what true wellness feels like.

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About the Work

wb01In addition to being a Licensed Counselor, my Intuitive & Empathic skills have been present since I was a child (in the early 60's). At about age 4, I knew I'd be me, even when in another body (I "saw" myself as a young Asian girl). I also saw in dreams, the loving, Giant Spirits who looked over & guided me as I made passage into this life. I've had many powerful insights, remembering other lifetimes, & am conscious of working directly with Spirit, especially since I was a teen when I began experiencing premonitions, noticing being clair-sentient, clair-audient, psychic. read more...