2c: Animal Communication Session

Animal Communication: Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

Family/Animal Communication – Bring balance and understand your Family/Animals better: cat, dog, horse, etc. Increase healing, and harmony! Ellen’s Intuitive skills work with Energy Systems & the subconscious mind to break through barriers to health. Improve health issues: immune system, injuries that won’t heal due to emotional trauma /past trauma, loss, fears, anxiety, family dynamics, environment, (diet/lifestyle) issues, & communication barriers (with other animals & human relationships).

Animals (and some humans, especially children) are often easier to work with as they operate on a telepathic level. They may have their own needs, personality traits & even have their own Element Type (the way they respond when stressed)! When your pet is happy / healthy, the whole family benefits! Feel better energy flow, healthier boundaries, healing, & more honoring, peaceful interactions between family members.

Like Cesar Millan, I work with family members, enhancing awareness, communication, & healthy boundaries. Unlike Cesar, rather than primarily using a behavioral approach, I bring greater balance with a focus on the Energy system’s status, emotional needs, & seeing the history. Learn how to have a happier, healthier family communication with and between all furry & non-furry family members!