Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

Contact me to discuss how I can help you. Please print the Intake Form – PDF & bring your printed, filled in Form to your first session, even if you are only doing a stand-alone. Please read the other forms prior to the session, & see the PAY FOR SESSIONS link for current pricing, or discuss with Ellen (sliding scale is an option based on income). Always contact me with any questions! Thank-you.

Online/Phone clients must send the Intake Form prior to/by the day of. Fill it out, & save the 4-pages to your desktop. Then use the New Client Return email link to send me your Intake … here is an example, with my initials in the Subject: WellnessIntake_EF, but instead, add your initials with the Subject title rather than mine, i.e., WellnessIntake_<your initials>. Keep a copy of these forms for your records.

Note: All Forms require Adobe Reader. Download the latest version here

New Client Forms

New Client Information

Please see my Core star Matrix Healing Video, & the free, recorded LearnitLive Webinar – these are highlighted on my Home page! Clients must have the Intake Session prior to committing to moving forward with deeper work, & follow-up sessions. For a more thorough approach – more than a basic “Tune up” the Pre-paid discount covers 10 hours worth of sessions. This is a time & energy commitment. It’s a great way to address the need for deep shifts, and my favorite way to work as it is the most thorough. Pay as you go is always an option.

Like a Detox, you may feel a LOT (this is not always initially fun, especially if you have a lot of complex trauma/or are not comfortable with FEELING emotions) – yet as you shift & become more clear your skills grow, & this becomes easier – & even quite wonder-full. As with a detox, my clients who have completed the work (see my Indiegogo project video/s!) feel cleansed & amazing – more clear & grounded… the work evolves your Soul!