Inner Journey Workshop

6- hour workshop, $125.00.* ($150 at the door). Space is limited. Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, a blanket and/or yoga mat, and wear loose, stretchy, comfortable clothing – layers are recommended.

A sublimation of processing shock is a result of lack of support at the time of the event/s, the cultural expectation to anesthetize or shut down our natural response to traumatic stress, plus the freeze response (due to the physiological response of the body fearing death).

After doing Trauma Release Exercises, most people experience tremors, which can be surprising as memories may come up, & the pain from past traumas are released. These extreme or overwhelmingly stressful events were buried in the sub- or unconscious mind/body. So, issues thought to have been resolved may still be stuck at the cellular/energy level due to the freeze response, and deep ancestral coding.

In this 4-part, one-day workshop you will:

1.) Demo of energy corrections and practice of energy exercises. Increase awareness of body-mind-spirit connection with very relaxing & gentle self-honoring movement. Experience easy energy flow movement, combining a fusion of breath-work, Energy Medicine Exercises, Alexander technique,& relaxing Yoga. 1.5-2 hours. Snack/longer Break with 6 hour workshop.
2.) Experience gentle Cell level clearing of Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) ~ release body stress, which is due to the freeze response at the cellular level. Trauma, in addition to the diagnosis of PTSD & anxiety disorders may also cause varying levels of pain, immune system dysfunction, dissociation, & hyper-arousal. Based on the Trauma work of Dr.s Robert Scaer & David Berceli. One hour.
3.) Process/Journal, partners + small group discussion/large group discussion/Sharing; Integrating your Core awareness & healthy energy boundaries… who are you vs. the energy of others? Do you tend to pick up/take on others’ stress, anxiety, or pain? Reinforce practice with Ellen’s Energy Exercises. Learn how to stay grounded, with clear boundaries. One hour + Q & A large group sharing. Short Break.
4.) Develop deeper connection to intuition… go on an inner journey Meditation to meet Divine guidance & connect with a sense of inner clarity & peace where you are able to hear the wisdom of the highest levels of awareness. Q&A will follow as time allows.

*A shorter class is available for small groups – contact Ellen to discuss your needs. The Full day 6-hour workshop includes a longer movement section (2 hour demo + prep), a 1/2 hour-45 minute, + 1-15 minute break – longer processing/Sharing, & Relaxation Meditation). May also include Chakra Clearing; & Basic Chakra, or Chakra Master class may replace TRE work.