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Go to the Pay + Session Info link for info on Ellen’s March 2017 Evening Intro Lecture & What’s in Your Energy Toolkit Workshop Event in Savannah, GA. Scroll down for the Green pic, and read more about it! This work = creating balance, & feeling peaceful, centered, & clear… see the Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy Facebook page for updates!

Learn about Core Star Matrix Healing* & the see the video for info on my completed Indiegogo writing project! I am currently editing my book on Core Star Matrix Healing.


Here’s a comment from a contributor to that writing project, after receiving her Indiegogo Perk e-book, my first book of poetry, Stories From my Heart

“Hi Ellen, I just finished your book of poetry and wow, just WOW! I couldn’t stop until I was done. Very beautifully written.  I am so grateful you shared that with me.  You are certainly inspiring on many levels and I am forever grateful to have you in my life – reading your poetry helps remind me why I felt so comforted when I met you, stepping out and trying a different form of therapy for some reason, felt so right at that time… It just reiterates why it is important to follow my heart and instincts at all times. 

One of the most important steps I’ve ever taken. I’m only just starting to tap into my potential, thanks to you… I see big things for you and cannot wait for you to finish writing the current book. 😉 Hugs and love ~ Kim


Now, 3 books of poetry are completed… these books will be available on my website soon!






Stories From My Heart, a compilation of Spirit-infused Wisdom poetry – heart connecting messages about reverence for the Earth (the sentience of all living beings), Love, & Hope.








Pregnant Poems, Before Birth and Beyond… for beautiful  families of all kinds









Merging with the Divine, poetry on my personal journey, connecting with Spirit, life, growth. The stories of our lives are tools for learning!





5 Laminates include: 1. Anchor & Ground/Heart Zip; 2. Snap & Sweep/Core Star Breathwork; 3. Ellen’s Chakra Diagram/Descriptions; 4. Flow Re-Set; + 5. Core Star Matrix Tests/Diagram (Laminate #’s 1-3 now included with Intake session).

*BOOK, in the works now:  Core Star Matrix Healing

We Are One… a Manual on a Unified Energy System – how we’re divinely wired for Divine Connection …plus new Energy Medicine Techniques & Exercises

I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I see & have been learning & teaching about new energy exercises – ways that the Energy Systems connect. These help us feel more centered, grounded, & resilient. Spirit connection = consciousness! It can lead us through pain, back to love & harmony (once we know how to fully get to there!). It is inevitable once we learn how to listen, that we will heal (shifting old habits in the body, mind, & in the Energy Systems) – & act on our Core knowing. This is my story of how, through seeing the deepest energies of the Chakras, I have helped my clients heal deep trauma at the Soul level, to re-connect, & evolve to live more deeply in their beautiful potential. We are all connected in our Core with pure Peace, Love, Wisdom, & Joy.

…my future project: Healing from the Core OUT: The ABC’s of Health and Wellness
Learn about my work: alignment, Breath, Core – how I approach healing as a practitioner of Energy work + my own story about how I came to listen to Spirit as an Energy Medicine Intuitive. Coming to understand & overcome immune system dysfunction (through the lens of being a ‘sensitive’ since childhood), through a journey of awakening, including influences from my early BFA/Acting training, personal relationships, & work in the Nutrition Industry. This led me to connect with alternative & complementary healers – & to develop a new approach to living & being. I will share my amazing experiences of Spiritual, past life, & psychic connecting (with the natural world from an early age) – that helped me to process & gain insight from these events. The dynamics of the effects of stress & trauma on the body-mind-spirit will be addressed from a personal perspective, as well as our capacity (through the experience of these difficult & at times painful events) to move toward our human/soul potential to merge with the Divine.