Core Star Matrix Healing

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About the Work – Core Star Matrix Healing

I see Energy Systems connecting in a new way! Due to working since 1987, & my Intuitive, psychic abilities, I discovered a bridge between the Chinese & Ayurvedic Energy Systems via the Core Star. It’s  a cohesive, unified approach for creating balance & healing trauma. I’ve come to trust & clearly translate what I see, hear, feel, in the Core Star, Chakras, Radiant Circuits (Joy flows), Meridians, Aura, etc. Please scroll down to see my client’s experiences in the Core Star Matrix Healing video below

From the very start when I began doing Reiki in 1987, I saw client’s Chakra stories. I felt their emotions (the why, where energy got stuck), & pain on many levels (the “emotional splinters” which can get re-triggered). I also saw/felt what was a healthy status, &/or what was needed. What I see is complementary to Donna Eden’s Grid work, & I’m writing a book about this new unification of Energy Systems. This video is from my Writing Project Psychic Shrink | Indiegogo …it features clients (who’ve completed the work with me), describing their experience. No, we’re never done evolving, but this work will create a firm foundation for a more resilient, authentic, healthy experience. Working with all Energy systems, & reading & anchoring each Chakra, as I do – is a very thorough approach. I’ve never yet… with over 80 Re-Connections completed  had a Grid/CSML Re-connection take more than 2 hours. Getting through the all Chakras, down to the CSML Re-connection does clear out the closets of the deepest disconnects (open wounds/fears, limiting templates) – & addresses what is READY to be seen (& to shift to a healthier state). It’s a specific process involving a commitment to self-work, & typically, a minimum of 10 hours of session time (after the Intake session), to be ready. This includes deep Chakra healing, re-balancing of energy flows, checking all systems, possibly Energy Tapping, etc. Are you ready to have a green light – all systems “Go”?

Completing the work allows for a deeper connection with Spirit – & a more authentic, aware, grounded, meaningful life experience!

It’s my vision to share the exercises that Spirit has shown me, & these beautiful Electrical Core Star Matrix Lines… I see the Core Star Matrix as a system which contains the Chakras, the Core Star, & the Lines (our deepest templates, these depict: our orientation to this Life, Love/Compassion, Creative Manifestation, and Spirit).

While what I see is complementary to Donna Eden’s “Grid” – I also see new information with the Core Star as the center of all the systems. Grid practitioners will love the new info (a purpose for each ‘Line’ and how it leads to a 3rd eye upgrade – & non-practitioners can only benefit by understanding what I see as well, which is in no way meant to replace the EEM-AP Grid training.

Having cultivated over many years an ability to SEE (+ hear, feel, even smell) well, I must call it like I see it (as Spirit tells me to!). I developed my own energy tests, (validating what I saw with EEM, for over a year), & have my own process (guided by Spirit). The Universe/Spirit is always working to help us move toward greater insight & truth. Energy work for me has always been about listening. I’ve also cultivated my skills, gleaned a lot of knowledge, learned many techniques – but no matter how much I learn, in the wisdom of the moment, just me, my client, & Spirit, tells me all I need.

This is not my opinion. For me the information from Spirit is incontrovertible. I trust everything I get from Spirit, because I’ve found it to be consistently correct. As I’ve learned, I’ve become better at translating & sharing what I saw/felt/heard, etc. I continue to ask better questions! I’m deeply grateful for the gift of this work, & know what I see carries responsibility… It’s my mission & honor to share it with you.

We can heal from the Core out & be part of universal awareness! Listening to Spirit wisdom – we’re able to remain congruent with the beautiful goal of creating from this inner place of peace, love, wisdom, & joy. We are One. Once we all remember this & our pure connection with Spirit – then together we will co-create Heaven on Earth.

In 2006, Ellen decided to go into private practice, and left her job of 6 years as a College Counselor (LPC/GA). Integrating Energy Tapping /trauma therapy (EMDR trained), Reiki, Yoga / Mindfulness work, by 2008, she’d trained in Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute, & was in year 2 of the Eden Energy Medicine (EEM-CP) program. As a graduate of the EEM-AP 4th year, she found she’d been ‘seeing’ the underlying structures of the Chakras for some years. Core Star Matrix Healing was officially born (& the CSM Re-connection, which includes the 3rd eye upgrade). In 2015 Ellen focused on writing, & is now (in 2016) editing the book, which will go into greater detail of how she sees these systems weave together. It’s her dream that this information become mainstream so all will know how this unifying Energy System works.