Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

About the Work – Services

Are you Fried, Burnt out – Stressed out? Feeling like the “rug’s been pulled out from under you” …or just sick & tired of being sick & tired? You may need more services than talk therapy alone to help shift deep Energy imbalances, & cell level, stuck patterns. Trained as a Licensed Counselor/(LPC/GA), Reiki Master – & as a Psychological Intuitive, I do Advanced Energy Medicine, & deep trauma healing. My focus is on the discovery of your Core truth, & helping you find healing & balance. Sessions are holistic, & tailored to meet your needs.

Online/Phone services are intuitive… they may include discussion of wellness, emotional, relational, communication issues & coping/stress management skill-building. Other areas of focus may be Healthy eating/lifestyle, achieving goals; Creativity, Personal growth &/or Spirituality issues. As with all her services, Ellen is reading your energy, & listening for Spirit guidance, calling upon the highest level of love, wisdom, & healing, as she works with you.

In-office services include the above, & may address Energy Systems, providing deeper healing re: Core trauma & out of sync energy habit/patterns. I check Energy systems & provide deep Reiki, as I read the stories/status of Chakras. This is part of the process of Core Star Matrix work. For more info, see the Core Star Matrix Healing page. Also included: Energy Medicine Exercises, Kinesiology (work in the systems of Chinese Medicine: Meridians, Radiant Circuits, Five Elements); & Aura/ FIELD, & more. We’ll also address Alignment, & Breath-work. Additional options are: Energy Tapping/trauma healing, Meditation/Guided Imagery, Yoga; Bach Flower Essences Evaluation (& if in-office, remedy); & Past Life Regression Therapy. This work can be relaxing & rejuvenating – it can also be about shifting deeply held patterns (in the mind & body) & integrating new, healthy ones.

Online/Phone session services

May include:

  • Holistic, Spiritual Counseling (intuitions re: healthy living/eating, creating balance on all levels, relationship/communication issues, finding balance & meaning); Personal Growth-Spirituality-Creativity Issues
  • Ellen’s Basic 3 Energy Exercises (see the free Webinar link on the Home page)
  • Intuitive feedback, & Readings/Guidance (client prepares questions)
  • Stress management, Meditation/Mindfulness, Guided Imagery
  • Reiki “seeing/sending”
  • Bach Flower Eval/discussion (remedy included with In-Office sessions)

Since I need enough time to review your info prior to your call, please send all forms to me via email or snail mail (I will provide address). Once payment/paperwork has been received I will notify you. Then we can decide on a time. When the agreed upon time arrives, please call me as scheduled (if VM comes on, please just re-dial in a minute or two, or text to let me know). For local, or intermittently local clients, online/phone sessions may be inter-mixed with in-office sessions. All sessions require an Intake Form to be filled out, even if you only want a half hour/Check-in/Restorative mini-session! If going deeper interests you, we begin with a full Intake discussion, Energy evaluation, & discuss goals/recommendations, before committing to continue.

In-Office Session services

May include: (+ all the above online/phone options)

  • Restorative EEM/Energy Work, hands on Reiki
  • Chakra Reading-Clearing-Anchoring/Balancing
  • Core Star Matrix Re-connection
  • Alignment/Breathwork teaching
  • Yoga/Mindful movement eval. to check energy flow
  • Past Life Regression
  • Flower essence evaluation
  • Energy Tapping (identifying, moving–releasing stuck energy around: spiritual connection, abuse/trauma, relationship/boundary issues; emotional distress, past / fears or about current/future events, ineffective energy patterns re: anxiety, depression, loss, grief)
  • Individual psychotherapy work in GA only for clients / my focus is Spiritual counseling, & supporting Energy balance & harmony

In-office clients bring the completed Intake form to the first session. After the Intake, we’ll do Energy Medicine checks & corrections. Reiki is part of all balancing, healing &/or restorative Energy work, including Chakra/Core Star work. Meta-Music, Hemi-Sync Sound Technology, or similar music is used. Local clients have the option of phone &/or in-office sessions.

Re: Online/Phone & In-Office Session services

Once we’ve agreed to work together, print/then fill out by hand, the Intake Form PDF (+ read all other forms). The Intake is 90-minutes (or Update, when no sessions are held for 6-months or more). Follow up sessions usually require a minimum of 10 hours to complete the foundation work for the Core Star Matrix Line Re-connection. This includes all Chakra work, basic Energy systems. Often Energy Tapping is needed as well. Sometimes Past Life Regression, or a Bach Flower essence session may appropriate.

Note: Discounted multi-session prepaid 10 hours… Complex, Chronic trauma, immune system & abuse issues may require additional support that may extend beyond the initial # of recommended sessions. This is a time / energy commitment. No refunds are available once pre-paid discounted sessions have begun.

Online/Phone & 1st-time clients require Paypal, to reserve the session. For PayPal, & their Bill Me Later option, see the Pay For Sessions link). If you are a motivated client & need to discuss a sliding scale to better meet your ability to pay – I am open to helping you if you are willing to do the work. That said, in 1985 I was able to afford going to a Channel in NYC. I was a waitress, (yes, the stereotypical ‘starving actress’ – tho’ the restaurants always fed us so …not starving). In any event, it cost $100. It was worth it. To me this is a matter of the SOUL. If you earnestly seek help, please contact me.

Groups/Workshops: Core Star Matrix Healing/Ellen’s 3 Basic Exercises, Energy Medicine Study Group; Chakra/Meridian healing; Element/Sensory Type Relationship work; Stress management/Mindfulness, Yoga/Meditation; Inner Journeys Workshops; Increasing Intuition. Contact me to discuss a workshop for your group!

I adhere to all the confidentiality rules of my license (LPC/GA) – basically, that means everything is confidential – not shared unless harm to yourself or another is involved. This is outlined in the HIPAA form, a.k.a. page 2 of the Informed Consent Form (included for your information although I do not use insurance). I work as an Advanced Energy Medicine practitioner & Holistic Life Coach. You may choose individual sessions – or a multi-session discount by pre-paying for 10 hours worth of session time (once you have had the Intake session).*

An invoice may be provided if requested. I do not submit insurance billing.

***If something comes up that you want to share, please do! I generally check my email/messages daily, & will respond within a reasonable time. I don’t bill for brief additional questions/need for clarification, concerns, sharing successes. When something major has occurred I want to know! As your personal Holistic Life Coach, I’m part of your support system – I care about you, & am here to help you be your best!