01: Intake or Update Session

ellenfarrellIntake or Update Session: Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

2 hour Intake / Update Session.

We’ll discuss the Intake form & you’ll learn or review: the Basic 3 Ellen Farrell Energy Exercises for staying clear, grounded, centered (see Free online webinar on Home page) + proper breath-work/alignment. We may do any of these: check Energy flow/Energy systems, Meridian issues, & reading of Chakras (I prefer to leave at least a half hour to begin this work so you can FEEL it).

Intake Session includes a major follow up email with tons of information. Also see the Intake + 1 option. Returning clients follow-up: please Update with new Intake filled out / brought to session as needed.

After the Intake you may also commit to completing the deeper work with 10 hour multi-session prepaid discount. Optimize, & learn to work with all Energy Systems (Chakras, Meridians, Radiant Circuits, Aura, etc.). Do DEEP healing & receive reading of status/issues in all 7 major Chakras (balancing & Anchoring into Core). Energy Tapping & processing may be needed for stuck emotional/thought templates. Core Star Matrix Healing Reconnection is the goal (avg. 2-hours)! This strengthens the deepest anchors of your energy, the Core Star Matrix Lines. This work may fit into the 10 hours… more time may be needed depending on your needs. Additional options are: Guided Imagery ~ Meditation, FES Bach Flower Assessment, Past Life Regression.

Complex / Chronic trauma issues, immune system, & abuse issues often require additional support. An Intake + 1 may be more beneficial when trauma & complex issues are involved. Energy Tapping, Energy balancing work, Holistic Life Coaching, or other supportive measures may be needed beyond the initial recommended Intake + 10 hours (see prepaid 10 1-hour, multi-session discount info). This is a time / energy commitment. No refunds are available once pre-paid sessions have begun. Online/Phone work is also an option for Intuitive work, Spiritual issues & Holistic Life Coaching.

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