10 hours multi-session prepaid discount: Office, Phone, or Online

ef_edited_headshot_img_1493_smile10 hours multi-session prepaid discount (Office, Phone, or Online): Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

This option is an option after an Intake session has taken place. Purchase a bundle of 10 hours prepaid, for office, phone, &/or online Intuitive, Spiritual, Holistic Counseling, or Energy work. Sessions may be scheduled @ 1.5 – 3 hours & take place weekly or bi-weekly. I like for some wiggle room to be considered to finish a section of work. Session time may also  be condensed in a more intensive time frame depending on readiness of the client, + visiting from out of the area issues. For example, a 1 hour intake could be done online, 1 long weekend or 2 weekend visits, could use up 10 hours. This may also include in-office, phone or online follow up. Usually used within 2-4 months; best used within a 3 month period. Discuss with Ellen if you have specific needs. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are best – phone sessions may supplement in-office visits. If full price is not an option for you, consider a sliding scale. As always, contact Ellen to discuss your needs.

Treatment planning is discussed in the Intake session. Get to the deepest layers of healing, & do the prep for the In-office sessions leading up to the CSM Reconnection. Sessions address creating balance in your LIFE, & in your Energy Systems. Ellen will support you to build skills in learning Core Star breath-work, alignment, & new energy exercises (these must be practiced!) to maintain this stronger foundation.

As with all individual session work, this work may include: Yoga, Meditation, & other Energy balancing techniques. Clients remain clothed for table work with energy medicine/Reiki.

Clients may require additional support beyond the initial recommended # of 10 hours of session time – for Energy Tapping, trauma or life processing, Bach Flower work, or Past Life Regression. Often clients like to repeat this pre-paid discount rate for continued or ongoing office, phone/online Holistic Life Coaching support, to integrate shifts &/or maintain gains.

This is a time & energy commitment that creates deep healing & profound shifts.
Complex / Chronic trauma issues, immune system, & abuse issues often require additional support. Energy Tapping, Energy balancing work, Holistic Life Coaching, or other supportive measures may be needed beyond the initial recommended Intake + 10 hours (see prepaid 10 1-hour, multi-session discount info). This is a time / energy commitment. No refunds are available once pre-paid sessions have begun. Online/Phone work is also an option for Intuitive work, Spiritual issues & Holistic Life Coaching.
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