2a: EMDR/Energy Tapping In-Office Session

EMDR/Energy Tapping In-Office session: Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

Learn about this quick way to shift out of negative patterns with EMDR/Energy Tapping. Ellen’s intuitive approach and easy tapping gets to the Core of issues, fast. Do you remember past traumatic events – & then feel emotionally triggered, drained, or upset? This work can begin with this 1-hour session. To follow up, it’s best if the work is continued with an Intake, or Intake + 1, & multi-session deep energy work. This approach targets & clears the negative energetic trigger & shifts thoughts from specific emotionally painful/trauma memories. Ellen has completed both parts of the EMDR trainings (Silver, Zangwill, 2005). She finds this work + her Chakra reading healing work to be the most effective in releasing past pain, allowing one to pursue one’s dreams unhindered by the past.

Trauma processing with this form of Energy Tapping on Meridian points is for past, present, or future issues. This is a potent, efficient, effective process targeting old wounds, clearing painful emotions, thoughts, body sensations, & energy habits that you no longer want. As part of your search to create & maintain your healthy, happy life, learn how to identify ineffective habits.

Release pain & heal. As with EMDR & all the tapping approaches, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, TFT, etc.), Ellen guides you to feeling healthy. Find balance by shifting & healing old habits – & feel less stressed in your day to day experience!

See Ellen’s Articles, What Is… or Links for research & more information on the efficacy of EMDR!!

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