Dealing with LIFE… Stress, GMO’s and relationships

October 27th, 2016

By Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, LPC, EEM-AP


ef_edited_headshot_img_1493_smilePart of the work is becoming aware – not only your own energies, history, triggers, emotional splinters, but also the environment we live in. Back in 1985 I was living in NYC, was out of college a couple of years, and doing great. Unfortunately, right out of college in ‘83 I got into what became a dreadful and abusive relationship. I ended that relationship, and decided to never settle again. I did not know much about nutrition then, nor what was happening to our food supply. However, by ’86, when I met my true love, and we married, HFCS had replaced cane sugar (& bromine, an endocrine disruptor, had replaced the essential nutrient iodine, in flour, which also may have been bleached with chlorine), which directly and negatively affects hormones.

Whether from the environment, emotional stress, past triggers or even ancestral patterns, all stressors are cumulative. We do eventually get hit in the immune system, and/or in the organs of the body. We get digestion issues, Liver has too many toxins to process (skin tries to pick up the slack), Kidney/Bladder gets over-taxed, and Lung may get overloaded. Everything is interconnected – and everyone responds differently to stress. Anyway, these changes in foods were the final straw for me, and it affected me greatly.

I started to get sick – and no Dr.’s knew how to help me. I searched for knowledge! Books were minimal and had conflicting information. I became more curious, & worked in the Nutrition / Health Food Industry (which continued 10+ years). I came to understand I had Leaky Gut & Chronic Fatigue (CFS), resulting in infertility. We’d cut out dairy, became vegan, learned about the burgeoning raw, organic everything. We wanted a family, but fertility treatments did not work, and we tried for a couple of years. Then we moved to LA – I found Holistic Dr.’s who helped me clean out toxins, & rebuild the microbiome, or gut as we used to call it. This gave me enough of an immune system boost to be able to get pregnant. I’d been doing Reiki on myself (since my training in ’87), & this was powerfully healing too… finally, I got well! We had our firstborn in 1991 in California, our 2nd in 1993.

Fast forward to ’96… what the heck are GMO’s? After our daughter was born, we decided to move near the grandparents. We had no idea that GM meant foods are sprayed with toxins, but DO NOT die. We were now blessed with 3 young kids, & things got very busy! By ’98 I’d entered a Masters Psychology program… a dream I had for 8 years! However, while we were busy with LIFE, they didn’t tell us that GMO/Roundup & other toxic chemical use was growing. It was being used in factory farms, animal feed, & each year, it was becoming a stronger presence. I finished my MA degree – and began Licensure supervision and full time work at a nearby Arts College in Savannah.

While I loved my work and family life, it took years for us to realize that our food supply was becoming more toxic in the USA. I began to notice that it was making a LOT of people sick. There continue to be increases in allowable toxin levels, & the amount of chemicals in the environment (& in us) keeps increasing. This is important to know – GMOs/Roundup (glyphosates) block uptake of amino acids like L-tryptophan (needed for sleep), all minerals, & it kills good bacteria, allowing toxic bacteria to flourish in the gut!!! The butterflies, birds, and bees are all suffering similar fates.

By 2014, I’d had a few years of STRESS: menopause, job changes, empty nest, pet deaths, eldest son graduated from college, loss of a parent, and finally, moving from Savannah (where we lived for 16 years), back to NYC, coming full circle to where I met my husband. I was not busy enough (haha), so just prior to moving, I began and completed an Indiegogo writing project as Spirit was hounding me to write about what I was seeing and experiencing with the work. Moving to a more toxic city made me have to re-evaluate everything. While navigating kids college issues, and visits, and writing like a hermit, I kept to all organic food at home, but in NYC I “cheated” too – who doesn’t love NY pizza? I also had soy tofu in local/regular Chinese restaurants. Oops. No more.

What do you eat? What are your stressors? What do you do that brings you JOY? What are your stress management rituals to stay in the flow? Acknowledge what transitions you/your family are experiencing – we are always moving through something! Now in the gut, we have what is called a “biofilm” (this means really big absorption problems), because glyphosates accumulate, & are sprayed on non-GMO wheat and other grains, and even cane sugar and sunflowers to bring the crop to harvest. Know that overwhelm makes us more vulnerable to illness. It can lead to decreases in B & C vitamins, & – as with glyphosates and other pesticide/herbicides, depletes minerals like magnesium and zinc. Both can increase gut problems, mood problems, and energy imbalances. It is a downward spiral that leads to… more stress! Maybe you can relate?

Please pace yourself, and be strong with your vision for your healthy life! Learn how to stay grounded, centered, and clear – tend to your Soul, and be mindful of the needs of your body. Check my Links to find out the most chemically sprayed foods, such as corn, canola, alfalfa, apples, berries, celery, squash, ALL animal products… and purchase local, fresh, whole, organic foods. Most of all, begin to identify where you can create more balance in YOU. Today, we need new skills to transcend, & maintain health. I learned to regain my equilibrium again, & you can too.

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