Eden Energy Medicine/Advances in EEM / EM4W Study Group

Eden Energy Medicine/Advances in EEM/ EM4W Study Group – This 6-part study group starts at 2PM and runs Sunday afternoons, next session TBA! Please contact me if you are interested. We will see brief excerpts from the 6-part EEM DVD, discuss and respond to specific questions related to applying EEM in your life, deepening the work with group practice, plus review of techniques, exercises, Element and Sensory types, Radiant Circuits, Chakras, Meridians, Aura, boundaries, grounding, centering, stuck energy issues, etc. AND with Advances in EEM, explore new material related to the Daily Energy Routine (DER) tests and corrections. Or EM4W – learn about how to balance hormones, have more energy despite menopause, pregnancy, and the many ways hormones can affect us – including immune system problems – learn the Vortex Revival technique working with balancing the Yin/Yang energies! Join us for these fun, experiential classes and deepen your connection with testing skills, integration and application of techniques with Eden Energy Medicine! $150
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