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Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, LPC/GA, EEM-AP
Holistic Therapy, Reiki Master, Psychological Intuitive

Ellen’s clients say they feel more clear, energized, spiritually balanced & healed (see Testimonials).

The Basics: Ellen began study of Meditation in high school, & Yoga while in college around 1980. She first studied Reiki in 1987. By ’88, she became a Technologies for Creating certified teacher, & studied about creating a Path of Least Resistance, & understanding the Art of Life (Robert Fritz). With a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Counseling specialty, 2001), she became a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed professional Counselor/Psychotherapist (LPC/GA), & Creativity Coach (Eric Maisel, 2003. She studied with several Energy Psychology/Energy Meridian tapping teachers (Sise, Look, Feinstein), & completed training in Parts l & ll of EMDR Trauma therapy (EMDR taught by Zangwill, JAX; Steve Silver, ATL, 2005). A combination of clinical approaches; her heart of Spiritual wisdom, with personal experience & training/work in the Holistic/Nutrition world have always been chosen to take her deeper into a focus on healing with her brand of Holistic Therapy.

From an early age Ellen has been empathic & drawn to the mystical & metaphysical. She’s had many profound experiences remembering: seeing/feeling, listening to, communicating with Spirit, Angels, guides, passed over loved ones, Animals, & the Natural world. She is grateful for her ancestors’ journey, from the lineage of her maternal great-grandfather Cohen & great-grandmother Bimstein from Pinsk, Russia (now Belarus); her Great-great Grandfather Weisskopf (Kanofska), Grand Rabbi of his village in Eastern Europe (Nowo-Radonsko in Poland), & her paternal family, Weinberger (Schoenbaum/Ehrenreich) from Vienna, Austria/Hungary. What an amazing journey we each have!

College: I have a BFA in Acting from Rutgers, & studied movement, voice, method acting at MGSA/Rutgers (’83). Add in study / practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) & many styles of meditation prior to / since then. Ellen began study of Yoga in NYC, & later in Pittsburgh, LA, San Francisco… & New Orleans (where she volunteered, post-Katrina for Eve Ensler and Karma Krew, & even got to do a little bit with the Urban Zen group, & to have classes with Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman).

After college, in the mid 80’s Ellen lived in Manhattan, NYC – returning to her Brooklyn roots, where she was born. She pursued an Acting career, performed Off-Broadway, in some Industrials, commercial voice-overs, as an extra in films (i.e., Moonstruck); & (how trite), she was a part-time waitress. She met her husband there! That story is  book itself!!! Due to her interest in understanding the psyche, she wondered why we do what we do/how life affects us differently. In the late 80’s (NYC) she received her 1st level attunements from Michelle Troise, with the American-International Reiki Association (AIRA). A Seichim, & Reiki Master, her last attunements came in 2003. This became her work doing Chakra reading; a kind of Chakra psychometry… her Psychological Intuitive skills blossomed with Reiki! During that time she also became a certified Technologies for Creating Instructor (see The Path of Least Resistance by author, Robert Fritz).

Whole Body trainings: (’87-’98) Ellen gleaned 10 + years of experience & training in the Nutrition & Health Food Industry. Natural Body care + Nutritional; Herbal & Vitamin Supplements, Homeopathy & Flower Essences… She was employed as a buyer at the East End Food Co-op in PGH, PA (1987-88). Then she & her husband moved to CA in 1989, employed by Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe in Los Angeles, Canoga Park (while also doing drama therapy – & comedy improv in PA & Los Angeles). She also studied Qi Gong in Los Angeles, CA with Dr. Matt Van Benschoten. After the birth of their 1st son in 1991, Ellen shifted to working as a Nutrition Dept. buyer at Mrs. Gooches Market (which became WFM), in Thousand Oaks/Los Angeles area ’92-93).

As an Intuitive Ellen received strong, repeated warnings to leave LA (“Get out!”), which became roars by ’93. They got out of LA, every weekend they could, exploring many places along the Pacific Coast Hwy from San Diego all the way up to San Francisco. Their 2nd son was born Oct. ’93. That Winter, the Farrell’s decided to grab an offer to work in Chicago – since the WFM Team Leader in LA had transferred there. The Windy City’s 60 below (“Lake effect”) was quite a shock, but was better than the Earthquake, about a 7 or 8 depending on who you listen to, that struck LA in the month after we moved, January 1994 (yes, that’s a heck-of-a story too!). Ellen became a WFM Associate Team Leader in Chicago – then Nutrition Dept. Team Leader (River Forest store, near Oak Park/ Chicago – ’94). She was called to Taos, NM where she was a co-op/ volunteer,  part-time in GA (her small children was her main work, and most importantly, it’s where her 3rd/last child, her daughter was born.). Self-study & work with clients included Bach & other flower essences; aromatherapy, & ongoing training (Bastyr Nutrition, while at Gooches). She focused on healing immune system issues, healthy eating, working with Chakras, Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Ellen has studied with many noted professionals in the Mind-Body-Spirit field of holistic health since the 80′s such as: Caroline Myss (PGH, PA, 1988); as well as exploring her own immune system healing while working in the Nutrition field for over 10 years, (’88-’99) at: The East-End Co-op (PGH, PA), Follow Your Heart, Mrs. Gooches, & Whole Foods Market/WFM (trainings on Ayurveda, TCM, nutritional, herbal supplements, TCM, homeopathy, etc., ’87-’94), & in Taos, studied with Cherokee Medicine man, Running Wolf (’95, ’96), & later, in Savannah, GA where she taught Yoga, Meditation, & worked at a start up health food store prior to getting her beginning her MA. Ellen & her husband Doug moved their 3 kids to Savannah, GA in ’98-’14 (the grandparents were there!). She pursued a Master’s degree in counseling Psychology (GA School of Prof. Psychology), & completed a 9-month Graduate Practicum at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in 2000-’01. She was asked to join the SCAD staff as a Clinical Counselor, & coordinated Wellness Services, introducing Meditation & Yoga support services (2001-2006). During that time she was certified as a a Creativity Coach (see: Eric Maisel for his books/website). She also completed EMDR & EAGALA equine therapy training. Ellen left to start a private practice, & continue her energy work study as she integrated her Psychological Intuitive, Holistic, Energy Medicine skills within a clinical practice.

In ’05 Ellen attended a 3-day class with Donna Eden at the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (nicabm.com) Annual Conference in Hilton Head, SC. After having Donna’s Energy Medicine book for over 5 years, meeting her in person was a treat! The following year, she qualified to be a work scholar, & was grateful to be chosen to do this for 6 more years (’06-’11). 2011 was the last year for the HH conference – they continue to hold wonderful online workshops, & are “a pioneer and leader in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine.” Speakers & workshop teachers included: Dr.s’ Norm Shealy, Robert Scaer, Joyce Hawkes, Joan Borysenko, Bruce Lipton, Peter A. Levine, Rubin R. Naiman, Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, Donna Eden, Norman Doidge, Carol Look, Nan Lu, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, + many other leaders in their fields).

Ellen won a trip to the Yoga Journal Conference in SF, December 2007, & studied with Rodney Yee, & other teachers such as Ana Forrest; & Seane Corn. A certified Yoga instructor through the National Endurance & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), her Yoga teaching style is intuitive, contemplative, from the heart. She incorporates Energy Medicine & Alexander Technique with a focus on proper alignment & breath-work, accessing space for each individual to connect with inner harmony – listening to body, mind, Spirit – our Divine connection. Ellen’s style is most aligned with Hatha: Anusara, Sivananda, & Kripalu (see: Articles about Services under Articles link).

A grad of the 4 year, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Program (EEM-AP, 2007-11), + Advanced EM work with Donna Eden & David Feinstein. Ellen was a TA for a 5-day Donna Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) training in HH, SC, & teacher at the Internat’l Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine Con (IGEEM) 2012 & ’13. She’s also a graduate of the Gateway Voyage (Monroe Institute, 6/07); & a week long training for Past Life Regression Therapy with Brian Weiss, MD, (2008, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY).

Current info: since June, 2014 – returning to where it all began, NYC, June 2014, after completing an Indiegogo writing project. Ellen’s main focus is editing her book about Core Star Matrix Healing, & completing formatting on all 3 books of poetry. 2018: Now available, her first book of poems, Stories from My Heart.

2016: Oh yes, & Ellen finally got a hair analysis, & kept up with corrective zinc/copper & mag. supplementation, resulting in mousy hair turning rich (not as rich as in her 20’s when the sun brought out Titian red tones in her chestnut, like her father’ red hair). However, it was enough to  finally stop natural hair dye / red henna – & go with her current lighter shade hair!