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About Ellen – Ellen’s Integrative Approach –

My intuitive & empathic skills have been present since I was a child (in the early 60’s). At about age 4, I had my first past life memory. Daydreaming, looking at the clouds, I saw myself as a young Asian girl. I wondered how I could still be “me” even tho’ in another body. I also saw, in dreams, the loving, Giant Spirits who looked over & guided me as I made passage into this life. They stood on either side as I, in a reclining pose, passed by. As if on a conveyor belt, I was floating, leaving head first to the “tunnel” or birth canal. I’ve had many powerful insights from remembering other lives, & am conscious of working directly with Spirit realms since I was a teenager. I began experiencing premonitions; being clair-sentient, clair-audient, psychic.

All the events that followed are a part of my experience of being a Psychological Intuitive – & contribute to what I now call my integrative approach…

A pivotal event took place at age 16, on a dark Winter morning. It was a misty rainy day, & very early. I was driving to high school. Into the intersection, I slowly proceeded on the green. Then, suddenly, my car was broadsided by a 15 yo driver who, driving illegally with her 16 yo friend ran the red light. They didn’t even have on their lights – & I saw the silver car a moment before the collision. As my car spun around, a friend who’d died in a car accident two weeks prior appeared floating in front of my car. He told me “You will be okay” – his presence was so comforting. My mother’s little blue Toyota was totaled – glass was shattered all over me. Yet, despite being in shock, I did not have a scratch. The lady who helped me get out the other car door (mine was crushed), kept repeating “There must have been Angels between you & that door.”  I know there were, & I am grateful.

My clinical training for a Master’s degree in Psychology began in 1999. However, I rely on my guidance & Intuitive skills, which are the ground floor of my integrative approach. In the late ’80’s, I began doing Angelic Healing readings (+ Reiki, 1987). I was seeing my clients’ Spirit path & Soul challenges, just as I was ‘seeing’ deeply into their Chakras. Being a Reiki practitioner contributed greatly to the framework of my orientation. Namely, that (as with the homeopathic/ Energy Medicine ideology) trauma causes disruptions in our energy. “Emotional splinters” form in the fight, flight, or freeze of the shock. As with the term: a broken heart, we experience “emotional splatter” – it’s not possible to heal or be truly healthy until these splinters (& what becomes pain triggers) are energetically & emotionally healed so we can be returned to a state of balance. Soon after I began doing Reiki, I formally turned my life over to Spirit (the highest levels of Love & Wisdom). This guidance runs through every aspect of my being; it is intrinsic to my work. I’ve been devoted to a holistic, Spirit-based approach to living ever since.

Not only have I had many past &/or other life memories, but have also seen, heard, felt, worked with family members to know other lifetimes that we shared. I’ve seen this with my clients as well. It’s truly a miracle, & a gift, to be with loved ones again. It can be challenging, but remember, we came to be together again for the great opportunity of understanding, healing, growing & knowing LOVE in its healthiest expressions! We are responsible for OUR part of doing our best to achieve this goal. We learn to act with clarity & work together to create a loving, honest, joyful experience. We can help each other to be our BEST! We must not waste a moment of the gift of NOW – be present for the moments we have together.

I began my private practice in 2006 in Savannah, GA, after working at the Savannah College of Art & Design as a graduate intern. I was asked to continue as a clinical counselor – which continued even as I shifted into more of a wellness coordinator capacity. Finally, I decided to focus on the more Spiritual rather than clinical aspect of the work, & to begin a private practice. Soon after, I began training in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM); from 2007–2009 I did a lot of integrating, gaining understanding of what I was seeing in how the energy systems all connect. After I completed my EEM Advanced (4th year) training, by about 2010-11, a very clear system had emerged!

I like to read the Chakras (a part of Ayurvedic Medicine), in addition to other Energy systems (from Chinese Medicine: Meridians, Elements, Radiant Circuits, Dan Tian, or as I call them, Spirit Points) & the Auric Field. I now call all of this one Unified system that I call he Core Star Matrix.* The Core Star (what Spirit told me to call it) is the first energy – Spirit entering the forming body. This Divine Spark merges with form to become the soul/personality. I get information about guides, past lives – & the current status of how you connect  or are disconnected, from & in the Chakras. This includes: guidance/wisdom, mental clarity/intuition, expression of your truth & needs, relationship to LOVE & compassion, emotions, Personal power, Spirit, relationships & soul manifestation, creating, your Ancestral, Earth, Totems connection, & NOW current experience. We will be shifting & healing any barriers/trauma stories, many past life issues, bringing balance, & healthier status. This is what I happens in the Chakras, & I love anchoring these energies into the Core Star, bringing balance & health back into the CSM Lines (see the page Core Star Matrix Healing*).

As a Psychological Intuitive, I help you access deep trauma healing because I see it. If there is unresolved trauma, it will reside in your energies. The work is complemented by Energy Tapping, Past Life Regression, or Bach Flower Therapy. Yoga/Meditation, Holistic Life, & Creativity Coaching further supplement this work. My approach is Spiritual, eclectic, individual, experiential, intuitive. Carl Rogers, Erik Erikson, Victor Frankl, & ancient Shamanic practices are strong influences. Having lived through immune system dysfunction & healed completely with a holistic-integrative process, I’m an excellent guide to help you get through it. I know & understand the dynamics that result in this level of distress. Training in over 10+ years (as a buyer/manager) in the Nutrition & Health Food Industry, included Ayurveda, Nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, & ancient herbal wisdom. Beginning in the late ’80’s, I learned from Caroline Myss,  Dr. Luc DeSchepper, Robert Fritz, Eric Maisel, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, & many others – & of course, my clients!

Though we may understand our issues intellectually, unresolved pain in the thoughts & emotions remain stored in the body/Spirit (energetically ~ physically). Also, as Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance wrote, tension seeks resolution. We are wired to be congruent & to heal. However, subconscious choices we make (ancestral/trauma responses, that become habit patterns) deeply impact our reality & worldview; often, somewhere in the trauma & disconnect, we lost the TRUTH, that we MATTER. This work returns the parts of our consciousness that got lost in untruths; got hidden in the freeze moments of shock… it makes us more conscious. Our happy dreams & creativity are an aspect of Spirit goodness, & potentially, lessons we have learned & skills we have cultivated over lifetimes. Passion in alignment with higher awareness is felt in the heart, & is the key to finding meaning & a healthy life. Listen to the whispers of your Soul, & the still small voice.

Non-denominational; GLBTQ friendly, I see all people as sacred, spiritual beings of beauty & light.

Because I work so intuitively & deeply (seeing, feeling energy, the emotional etiology of pain or imbalances), a new level of awareness & healing, a quantum leap emerges. The flow of the joy & magic of life can be achieved.

I share with you as I’m in looking into the windows of your Soul (reading the Chakras). You will learn about your level of energetic health, what your databases of energy actually look like – & will shift to the highest awareness level. I’ll identify strengths & weaknesses, helping you anchor to your Core – your connection to truth, healing, wholeness. With Energy Medicine; energy kinesiology testing, we identify how you tend to lose energy, & make corrections; learn new exercises to help you become more grounded, centered, clear – more effective, & energized. You will learn to understand how you interface as a Spirit with a body, in the world & in your orientation with yourself at the deepest levels. 

Individual or group sessions; phone/online are options in the realm of supporting energy balance & Spiritual counseling. Clients who have clinical issues that require deep ongoing psychotherapy / diagnostic issues are not appropriate for phone sessions, nor is this my work anymore, in GA (where I maintain LPC licensure) or elsewhere. Any issues related to clinical diagnoses (i.e., mood disorders, major depression, substance abuse, and the like) are best worked on with a local mental health provider. In the work I am doing since moving to NYC in 2014, & in my work with private clients, I see the body-mind-Spirit interface. I see & teach what is happening energetically, & focus on bringing balance & healing rather than treating a “dis-ease, diagnosis, or disorder”.

I love hearing your story, helping you connect to guidance & inner wisdom. You will find balance, healing, & gain insight – do your homework, and this will anchor in you. Fulfill your unique potential to reach your beautiful goals – or you may even find new goals! This work helps you know your truth at your core of pure peace, love, wisdom & joy.