The Lotus & The Hummingbird

Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

About Ellen – The Lotus & The Hummingbird

The LotusLotus symbol, Ellen Farrell, are by Doug Farrell

The Lotus is an important symbol for me, so I’ve used it to represent the work I do! It’s often used as a metaphor in the Yogic tradition to symbolize our Spiritual evolution.

The roots begin in the muck & represent our lower nature, unconsciousness – the stem rises up through the muddy water, being cleansed & reaching for the clarity & light (wisdom & truth). This also represents our search as seekers, & connection to intuition, higher awareness.

Finally the flower buds & blossoms in the sun, realizing our attainment of consciousness – connection to the beauty of life, when we can see past the illusion of the world. We are then able to merge with the Divine.

We are all on this journey of connecting with our deepest truth, passion & potential. The time to claim that goal is NOW!

Even when we can’t see the sun, it is shining, an& even when all we can see is the mud, well, maybe we can remember that…“it takes a lot of fertilizer to create a beautiful garden!” We can learn & grow from all of it, like the graceful Lotus.

 I also chose the Lotus as it represents hope, & the profound beauty of the Human Spirit that I see in everyone. I chose the colors of rose & gold for the flower as they are my Aura colors, the blue water & green of the leaves represent Earth & Sky, Body & Spirit.

May the Lotus Spirit of your Heart blossom, & be abundantly healthy.


“Namaste” means… “That which is Divine in me, honors & acknowledges the Divine in you.” 


The Hummingbirdhumingbird_Elen Farrell totem, art by Doug Farrell

I rescued a baby hummingbird in 2007, who’d landed in front of our home, too hungry or young to move. With guidance from a wild bird specialist in Savannah, I nursed it back to health. When he first saw me his forthright expression said

Who the heck are you?” – asking “Are you trustworthy?”

…I sang to him to gain trust & coaxed him to the sugary water. Over several days, – he drank the water from my finger tip, & let me lift his delicate body to bring him to the food. His eyes – so big, vulnerable, yet full of such courage, said to me “I am facing this challenge! I can do it” …he came to look on me with great trust, & I felt it great joy – his spunk & conviction was admirable.

On the last days with me, as he got stronger, he began to fly. Finally, one morning, he was gone. I had a dream that night – he fluttered outside my window to say goodbye. I remember feeling great joy to have known this courageous hummingbird friend. What an honor it was to interact with such a gentle, brave soul. Hummingbird continues to signal to me the support of the universe, to have faith & hope.

When I was at the Monroe Institute with my husband later that summer, one of the Gateway participants had brought the Ted Andrew’s book & cards. I got hummingbird as my totem – it fit. I want to remember my own Hummingbird Spirit always. As I write this note, I remember the message sent from the Nature Conservatory (just received that week) – a request to help save the habitat of the hummingbird. Another omen of this connection & an affirmation that the hummingbird’s message is important!

The Hummingbird dances gently through the world, & spreads a message of love & beauty, teaching us to appreciate the wonder & magic of each moment. Hummingbird brings the gift of joy. Being flexible like this sweet being, we are able to see our challenges from new perspectives. We learn to laugh, to be gentle yet strong, & to feel pure joy.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews says that hummingbirds can teach us the healing power of flower essences, inspiring us to protect the environment & preserve old traditions – also that “the twittering, vibrating sounds of the hummingbirds bring us an internal massage that restores health and balance.” I feel the energetic vibrations of this small sweet bird helps us to open our hearts – it’s a reminder that great power & healing comes from many small steps, & the clarity of pure intention.

I’ve had many animal totem protectors who brought messages – my own cats & dogs, of course, & also I’ve learned from dreams, hearing wisdom in direct interactions from bee, black panther, butterfly, elk, bear, eagle, snake, many birds, dragonflies, squirrels, & the steady, strong Siberian Tiger who entered my heart & Soul during a powerful Acupuncture session! But Hummingbird Spirit is always near, reminding me – be gentle, listen, & all beauty will be known to you.

Create clear boundaries with courage, be present in the moment to hear the gentle inner voice of wisdom, & you can create a life filled with Love!