Ellen Farrell Energy Medicine

Testimonials –

I am enjoying my advil-free days. My husband is amazed. Still pain-free.” – Anne
Read more about my client Anne’s healing from Fibromyalgia (under the Energy Medicine LINKS – printed in the August 29, 2009 Donna Eden Energy e-letter)

Working with Ellen has made me stronger within myself in several ways. First, she helped me realize that I wasn’t delusional about my challenging childhood. Second, she helped me acknowledge — and enhance — the very real spiritual progress I’ve made since then. Both have been invaluable to my sense of self. And last but not least, her suggestion that my stint at my current job is meant to teach me to stand up for myself professionally — led me to stand up for myself professionally. I got the promotion and the raise!” – James

Your sessions have been so much more than I expected…..and I did have high expectations. You have healed places that I did not know were hurting. The calm that I now know is so much greater and deeper than anything I have felt before. My children seem more drawn to me….so do my dogs. ….and they were already very affectionate. …The purity of emotions I feel and actually accepting love and adoration are beyond words. …Just calm and love and no fear. wow. .. Your gifts are so appreciated. I am blessed to have found you.” – J.M.

Ellen worked with me over a period of six months – a crucial time for me when I was looking for guidance and a direction in my life. Her insights, intuition and practical work had a tremendous impact – and gave me a more holistic view of my life and a sense of peace and greater insight. I have gained confidence and a positive outlook on who I am!” – Andy

Many Thanks for all your help. The time was very well spent, and I am determined to implement all the changes you suggested… it was a long session, and there was much to digest, so I was also glad you extended the invitation to  call/write to ask questions. I don’t want to forget anything.” – Bradley

Ellen, Wow! The intensity of the Chakra sessions with you was amazing. You are truly gifted and I am thankful for clearing and release. I have been blessed with a greater sense of clarity and truth.Thank You.”  – Jane

…I really appreciate your sincerity, wisdom, and open heart… I have learned so much from our time together.” – Susan

…Your guidance has had a huge impact, and has given me the tools to feel more balanced – more whole in my life…What I have received through your hands has taught me so much about myself.”– Angi

You have taught me to live more, to look forward… I love you for that. Now I am on a new chapter and a new journey… Thank-you from the bottom of my heart … Bless you…” – M.J.

It has been a blessing having you in my life… I thank you for the support, trust, love & kindness you’ve offered me throughout this journey…” – Margarita

Ellen offers an invaluable service… and I am extremely grateful for her extensive knowledge in fields of health and healing”… she “provides such a place where we can open up, find ourselves again, and become better people…” – Brienna

I wanted to let you know I will never forget all the gifts you have given to me. You have been an amazing support, guide, teacher…I have grown so much over the last… years from knowing you…” – Natalie

You were born a psychic, empathic, telepathic, multidimensional being! …you are here now to initiate others to a higher level of awareness.” – Bavani (I translated Babaji”s beautiful, loving words and messages in a Spirit reading for this Hindu Monk when I lived in Chicago, and worked at WFM back in 1994)