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Welcome! Go to my HOME page to check out the FREE Core Star Matrix, & Webinar videos& learn my 3 Energy Exercises  to prepare for sessions, & to feel more centered, clear, & calm.

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Sliding scale based on income is available. I care most about your commitment do the work, to help you balance body, mind, & Spirit… & heal from the Core out.

Contact me via Facebook, email, or phone! Schedule a session; or let’s discuss… get a FREE brief evaluation. Thanks for visiting! Namaste. Peace, Love, & Light, Ellen

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01: Intake/Update Session

[wp_cart:Intake or Update Session:price:450.00:end]

ellenfarrell 2 hours. A one hour Intake is $250. During this session, we’ll likely start with review of your Intake form (see the FORMS link to print & then fill out your PDF); discuss holistic options, do a Basic Energy evaluation, & corrections. I prefer to begin the experience of deep Chakra work in this session. As an Intuitive I feel your energy & Chakra stories before, during/after the session.
Prepare to feel deep & powerful shifts toward healing – & be more present & empowered! These may feel like new sensations, from deep healing to relaxation… or many other things depending on many factors. We will work together as I assess & do whatever is most needed, for the best approach for YOU.
Choose this if you’re interested in having more than one session to optimize ALL your energies. Go deeper into clearing & healing trauma, energy tapping/balancing, building skills, &/or using a variety of modalities. Awaken to your Spirit Core & evolve your Soul!

Consider the Intake + 1 Hour prepaid discount.

2 hour Intake session


02: 1-hour Stand-Alone Session


Follow up or stand alone sessions will focus on your needs & may include:
Intuitive, Spiritual Counseling, Holistic Therapy, deep Reiki healing, Core Star Matrix Re-connection, Eden Energy Medicine (EM), Past Life Regression. See below for more options.

1 hour session Read more >> 


2a: EMDR/Energy Tapping In-Office Session

[wp_cart:EMDR/Energy Tapping In-Office Session:price:200.00:end]

Regular session hourly rates apply. Do you get triggered by the past? Balance Meridians, healing past pain, emotions, and energy habits. Ellen’s process help you to see the past in new ways, let in healing, let go of old ineffective thoughts, emotions, & body sensations. The Intake, or Intake + 1 is required to move forward in this process.
Learn how Energy Tapping can help you heal!
1 hour session

2b: Bach Flower In-Office Session

[wp_cart:Bach Flower In-Office Session:price:200.00:end]

Regular session rate (Includes personal remedy, & individual supportive measures handout). Regular stand-alone rate applies if you don’t include the remedy. Flower essences are similar to homeopathic formulas. Please read my article on this topic! This 60 minute session determines what of 38 essences + a few FES options are most relevant for you. Supportive measures will be discussed.
If you have 5+ essences checked on your self-test (sent via email), this work will bring great clarity & insight.

1 hour 


2c: Family/Animal Communication Session

[wp_cart:Animal Communication Session:price:250.00:end]

Regular session rate (travel fee may be relevant).
I work with the family members, & their pets: bring balance to your family pet & causes for distress. We address energy issues for your: cat, dog, horse, bunny, etc.
Reduce pain, increase health, healing & loving communication for you with your furry (&/or non-furry) family!
Phone, online, or in person in your home. Read more >>

2c+: Travel fee for private sessions

[wp_cart:Pet Travel Fee:price:25.00:end]

10-sessionsFor travel outside my area of my NYC area, to your location for Holistic Therapy, Energy Medicine/Reiki, Psychological Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling, &/or Animal Communication / Energy sessions.
Each 20-30 minutes

1a: Intake + 1 Hour prepaid discount

[wp_cart:Intake + 1 Hour prepaid discount:price:600.00:end]

Save $50. Fee includes 2 hour Intake, + 1 extra hour.
Review Intake form/process, review a plan for treatment. Ellen will check & assess your Energy systems & do an Energy Flow evaluation. Basic breath-work & alignment is addressed. Experience improved energy flow, with Chakra work, Meridian, Aura, Energy Tapping, etc.

Used together for a longer Intake session.

*Session must be pre-paid.
3 hour session, Reduced rate.

1b: 10 Hours Multi-Session prepaid discount: Office, Phone/Online

[wp_cart:10 session prepaid:price:1800.00:end]

The 10 hours, multi-session prepaid discount includes 10 hours of session time, typically used 1 to 2 hours at a time (or equivalent).
Purchase is available after Intake, or Intake + 1 Special, prepaid session. Ellen has experienced a minimum of 10 hours worth of sessions, post-Intake is typically required for Energy balance in all systems. The goal is to create deeper stability & inner resilience against future trauma/shock (see Core Star Matrix Healing page).
Pre-pay for 10 hours, save $200.

Gift Certificate Request

[wp_cart:Gift Certificate – Intake + 1:price:750.00:end]

Share the experience! Gifts may come in any size, and may even be split by more than one person.

Workshops and Study Groups


Clearing the Chakras Workshop

[wp_cart:Clearing the Chakras Workshop:price:100:00:end]

4-hour workshop, Gentle Movement, Energy Testing, and Basic Chakras work, or Chakra MASTER Class…

Developing Intuition Workshop – 01 Basic, and 02 Advanced

[wp_cart:Developing Intuition Workshop:price:50:00:end]

Workshop can be suited to your needs. multiple sessions are recommended for building skill and intuitive abilities. 2 hour workshop.

Inner Journey Workshop

[wp_cart:Inner Journey Workshop:price:125:00:end]

This 6 hour workshop  (with a one-hour break, and two-15 minute breaks) includes relaxing Yoga/deep trauma healing Energy Exercise, Breathwork, movement warm up; + time for personal & group processing, & a deep healing Divine connection meditation; Q & A as time allows. Space is limited.
Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, a blanket &/or yoga mat. Wear loose, stretchy, comfortable clothing – layers are recommended.
Combine Inner Journey + (Cell-Level Clearing), &/or Chakra – or Master Chakra Workshop, which is 6 hours (see Clearing the Chakras Workshop for more info.). Prices may vary – contact Ellen to discuss your group needs.

What’s in your Energy Toolkit Workshop

[wp_cart:Energy Workshop:price:100:00:end]

Full-day Workshop
Focus: Ellen’s EM tests, corrections, exercises. Feel more connected, grounded, centered, & in the flow!
Join Ellen to experience another way to live your life: Peaceful, Loving & Joyful.
Learn stress management tools that work; begin to release old, ineffective habits; & remove blocks to allow for your beautiful goals & happy life.
Gain new skills: be more grounded, centered, clear… calm; Connect with your Inner Healer & higher Wisdom; Feel the ENERGY move, shift… & SHINE!!!

Eden Energy Medicine Intro Workshop – Special Rate for 2

[wp_cart:Eden Energy Workshop for 2:price:50:00:end]

Two Hours. Next session TBA. In this exciting introductory class, we’ll cover a lot of ground!! We’ll focus on EEM techniques, tests, corrections & exercises to learn how to feel more connected, grounded, centered, & in the flow!



Eden Energy Medicine/Advanced EM

[wp_cart:Eden Energy Study Group:price:150:00:end]

This is a 6-part study group, contact Ellen if interested in an energy medicine, mindfulness meditation, or stress management discussion / demo class for your group, workplace or gathering. Please contact me if you are interested. Learn about Energy Medicine & beyond with Core Star Matrix Healing!